Friday, 17 May 2013

my very own emperor

Moving my trap under the kids playhouse seems to be paying off, as its more sheltered from wind and rain can't get near it, meaning I can run it more often.

Bit of a surprise this morning when I noticed this in the grass!

Female Emperor
Sadly she was a bit scuffed up - I may even have trampled on her as I'd been over that bit of grass a couple of times before I noticed her! Will have to be more careful in future!

A couple of muslin moths were in the trap, with a water carpet nearby, and as I dismantled it for the day, I discovered this fella lurking underneath...

Broom moth
Another tick! So thats 16 species for the garden so far this year! Plus this rather worn pug from last weekend which I was bugging lots of people about on twitter last week - general consensus was Brindled Pug but I've really no idea! Any thoughts welcome!

Brindled pug? Or too worn to tell?
Trap out again tonight - wonder what we'll get tomorrow?

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