Friday, 31 May 2013

Puggy Mc Pug Pug

A couple of weeks since my last post and not a vast amount to report but here goes...

34. Common Nettle Tap
35. Angle Shades
36. Rustic Shoulder-knot
37. Common Swift
38. Flame Shoulder
39. Purple Bar

I was particularly pleased with the Purple Bar as its a new moth to me and a tidy wee beast to boot. In addition to the above I had a couple of Pugs. They wrecked my brain. Would those with good pug knowledge please pass judgement on my I.D. effort below - a new pug could herald my 40th moth for the garden this year!

Angle Shades
Rustic Shoulder-knot  
Spectacle... again!
Common Swift
Purple Bar
Puggy Mc Pug Pug?
Worn Double-striped Pug? Grey Pug?
Just looked at the Latest Scores page - blimey! A couple have already cracked the one ton mark! Well done to Lionel and Andy, that is some furious mothing.

Till next time - happy moth'ing!


  1. Both look like Common Puggy McPug Pugs to me.



  2. McCommon for me
    Pugs eh ?