Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Exciting mothage at Galley Head

Wow! This is great! Last two nights have produced lots of goodies! Best of the bunch was an amayzing puss moth, which was just brilliant! I'd found a couple of their caterpillars in the summer last summer, and they are pretty wacky...

Puss moth (caterpillar)

but the adult was just fabulous! And great value in the hand!

Puss moth (adult)

So presumably fairly local produce!

That night also produced my first ever Dark Sword-grass, and then I had another 5 in the trap this morning - ooo migrants!

Two muslin moths were also pretty special I thought! I love the furry fellas!

Muslin moth
Finally, last but not least, a tiny double-striped narrow-winged pug, which was loitering on the white sheet beside the trap this am.

Still only had 12 species in the garden so far but every trip to the moth trap has been exciting so far! Never know what is going to be inside!


  1. Hello Col
    Not sure if this is good or bad for you, but that is definitely not a Double-striped Pug. It's a Narrow-winged Pug, which would be much more interesting where I am but maybe a common one for you.
    Interesting to see the white male of Muslin Moth that predominates in Ireland; ours are a grey/brown male with white females (but the females are rarely seen at light).
    Puss Moths are awesome!

  2. Thanks for that! A mate here who saw it & got photos this morning just texted saying the same! Lot still to learn, but really enjoying it!

  3. Was just in the process of writing an almost identical response to Skev's! I'd say NW Pug too, and also noted the Muslin and assumed it was a female but fascinating to learn about the pale Irish males - must be lack of sun?!