Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Struggling in Oxford

It's been a real struggle here in Oxford for the last week: I've been running the trap whenever possible but with little to show for it. I've managed to add a few year ticks in dribs and drabs though it's been hard work. I've added a few micros, including Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner, a dark form of the Ash Bud Moth and a day-flying Pyrausta Aurata. I finally managed to get a Green-veined White butterfly in the garden so I've now managed to get all the common whites. The most exciting find was this morning when I found my first ever Poplar Hawk Moth for the garden lurking at the bottom of the trap.

 Dark form of Ash Bud Moth, found on my car

 Dark or Grey Dagger

Poplar Hawk Moth - a great looking beast

I can't wait for some decent weather so that I can get a more than a handful of moths in the trap each morning.

Latest score 41 moths & 7 butterflies = 48


  1. Good night for Poplar Hawkmoths in Oxford - Xander and I found one in our trap this morning, too!

  2. Good stuff Steve! I'm impressed with your year list total :-)