Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A bit better in Stondon, Beds

Melissa and I ran the garden trap Monday and Tuesday nights and added a few more to the year list. Best of the bunch macro wise were Pale & Pebble Prominents, Least Black Arches, Rustic Shoulder-knot (first and second of many!) & Brimstone. Chinese Character was added on 17th.
Very few micros still here but Syndemis musculana in the trap this am was only the second for our garden in nearly 10 years of trapping. The total stands at 34 species for the year.

Walking round the field at the end of our road and netting micros early Sunday evening turned up Anthophila fabriciana (Nettle-tap),  Caloptilia semifascia (first time I've seen the adult as usually recorded by leafmine), unid as yet Monopis spp (prob laevigella) & Mompha epilobiella (identical place, day and month to 2 netter here in 2010!). Of course none of these micros count for the GMS.


Andy B - @vc30moths

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