Monday, 20 May 2013

A (mini) spurt

The nice weather of Sunday prompted me to get the trap out at home, despite warnings of showers in the wee small hours. And I'm rather glad I did. A massive seven different species, woohoo!

Well hey, is exciting for me.....

In the trap we had:
White-shouldered house moth
Garden carpet
Common pug

Knot grass

 Early grey

 Sallow kitten

 Pebble prominent

Trying again tonight, as are a lot of my colleagues. Ed the intern has the trap going at the office, plus Simon the field teacher and John the boss are both trapping at home. 

I might have one catch though, that they won't get. Try as I might, I really couldn't get rid of this one that was really attracted by the light. What do people reckon? A puss moth?


  1. That last one; is it Aglossa pinguinalis?

    (I have one of those, and an Aglossa caprealis)