Thursday, 2 May 2013

Greetings from Nottinghamshire

I`ve never wrote a blog before but I thought I`d give it a go. My name is Clare & I live in Nottinghamshire. I have a small urban garden which basically consists of a lawn, Hawthorn hedge & a few bushes including two Buddleia which the Moths love just as much as the Butterflies do.
I have a 15w Actinic Heath Moth Trap.I`ve been mothing for about 18 months mainly in the warmer months as on cold nights I tend to catch absolutely nothing. If I find a new moth in the trap, I`m happy.....quality rather than quantity. I class myself as a beginner, I nearly always have to ask for help with the i.d, thankfully everyone seems very friendly & helpful.
This year has been very slow to start & I did`nt catch anything until the 15th of April.
My 6 species to date are:

Common Quaker
Hebrew Character
Clouded Drab
Early Grey
Emmelina Monodactyla (Common Plume)
Diurnea Fagella

Happy Mothing.......have fun !!

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