Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank mothiday weekend

So, the weather has finally turned, and the sun actually feels warm, the birds are singing and all is right with the world once again. Moths seem to have been emerging as well over the last few days, and a greater variety has come to the light trap. On Friday night I added the gorgeous swallow prominent and the sexy frosted green, and in the morning the more dowdy powdered quaker and flame shoulder were there.

Saturday evening was a little breezy, although the number of moths was higher on Sunday morning. Only one new one, though - garden carpet, a bread and butter moth. Scored orange tip in the garden in the sunshine on Sunday, while daydreaming. Sunday night felt just right, with cloud, no moon, and warmth. Sure enough, although the numbers weren't great, there were several new species - pebble prominent, pale pinion, v pug, shuttle shaped dart and the micro garden pebble. All nice! Monday has been spanking hot, and in between garden cricket and playing horsies with the children, 5 species of butterfly have dipped in and out - 2 whites, orange tip, brimstone and peacock.

In tandem with the garden moth challenge, I am also trying to increase the number of habitats in the garden, and the number of food and nectar plants available. I have dug a pond, and stocked up on flowering annuals and perennials. My next scheme is to plug the lawn with wild flowers. May not count for this year, but should be beneficial in the medium to long term.

List total is 49 now, hoping to get #50 tonight. Tally ho!

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