Monday, 20 May 2013

Things Picking Up In Oxford

After my last post moaning about how dire things were, I've had a couple of better days. In fact Saturday night was the best so far this year with an amazing 16 moths of 10 species though it's rather telling that such a low total should be my best so far. I could tell that it was going to be a good night: it was cloudy, windless and even verging on the warm. The moths duly obliged at least in fluttering around the trap even if they didn't actually go in it and by loitering close by I was able to see what was about. It was a good night for Carpets with 7 different Garden Carpets seen including one that tried to get in my front door when I came back from picking my wife up from the station. A Red twin-spot Carpet and a Water Carpet added to the Carpet cornucopia. Muslin and Bright-line Brown Eye were in the trap in the morning, a Brimstone was hiding underneath the trap and I found a bonus Waved Umber lurking nearby.

 Bright-line Brown Eye
 One of Seven Garden Carpets
 Muslin Moth
 Red Twin-spot Carpet
Waved Umber

Sunday night the conditions weren't so good and the total of 5 moths of 5 species reflects this. Four of these were micros with a Common Pug making up the only macro. Still I managed another four year ticks making a total of eleven additions over the weekend. Not bad for such a moth-poor location.

Esperia Sulphurella
Parornix Agg.
Common Pug

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