Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Well, it's nearly the end of May, and the moths are coming at a trickle rather than a flood, but still a surprising diversity in the garden considering the relatively mundane surroundings. I seem to have recorded single specimens of quite a few species, including the latest - coxcomb prominent. Besides the moth trap, I have also been looking for teeny weeny micros coming to flowers during the day, and have pinned down the awesomely minute Glyphipteryx simpliciella, the Cocksfoot moth. Still waiting for the first hawk, which should come any day now. I have previously recorded privet, elephant and poplar hawks - my ambition is to photograph all three together.

Also looking out for the first migrant moth; there have been a couple of nights recently with misty conditions, good for migrant birds, and I am guessing there might be the odd migrant moth floating around as well. Here's hoping. So, the garden moth challenge list stands at 69, with a few other species recorded in my 1km square for the sister challenge, 1000 for 1km square. An exciting Sunday yielded wall brown (rare inland in Norfolk now) and speckled wood butterflies. One of those in the garden would do.

Planning to have a moth social or two, including a moth-e-Q and a moth garden party. If the weather warms up. Fingers crossed!

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